Trimming a Tall Vase

Fetishghost Studio, Zygote Blum Working

This is a quick view of how I trim the foot on a tall narrow necked vase.
To get the piece supported well enough to apply the pressure needed to make my cuts, I throw a thick walled trimming chuck to hold the inverted piece steady. I try to let the fresh chuck set up for a few hours before using it. When I’m ready, I simply invert the vase into the opening of the chuck, level and center the ware and start trimming.
The leather hard chucks are reusable. I simply leave it on it’s throwing bat and bag it up well to keep it at a leather hard state. I try to set-up my work schedule to make use of a fresh trimming chuck. I cut fresh stencils, gather supplies, and throw as much work as I can juggle to finish without loosing control, (not often easy with 2 kids).
Once I’m finally finished using a trimming chuck, it’s left to dry out and broken up and put in my bucket of clay scrap for recycling.

Fetishghost Studio, Zygote Blum Working

Fetishghost Studio, Zygote Blum Working on Bud Vase

Ta Da!!