Agate Ware Bowls

Still at it with the bowls… 52 more thrown and trimmed. I’m trying to get a good variety of surfaces in. Got a double handful of stenciled slips on the ware boards drying along with a bakers dozen of agate ware and even a few plain ones.

Usually I kind of enjoy throwing out in the cold(ish) fall and winter months. Boil up a bucket of water for the throwing slip, put on an extra pair of socks and pull on the long underwear and voila… no problem. This year though, it’s just humid enough to really slow down the drying and the greenware is getting a bit backed up.


Here’s a spot of video that we shot while throwing the agate ware yesterday. This’ll be spliced into the stack of videos that we’ll show in the background at the Souper Supper Event in February.
Let me know what you think, the feedback is really helping to move this project along.


Tool Porno

Just a quick spot of tool porno from Adam Field’s demos at UOP on Tuesday. I just can’t pass-up posting a few of these tools that he shared with us. A few of these tools I had never seen before.

The kick wheel is a traditional Korean wheel he brought back. The set-up is a workshop mock-up of a studio throwing pit. Normallt the wheel head is at floor level and the pit walls are close enough to rest your feet on. The wooden wheelhead/drum was inset with bearings that simply slid over the steel shaft shown above. Just a single kick makes it fly…


Adam’s paddles and anvils have been carved from green wood and faced with leather. Adam said that these tools were kept perpetually wet and it showed… they looked like driftwood.

This is the handle of the anvil he uses for paddling the walls. Cool huh?
If you want to see Adam in action, Click here to check out his videos on U-Tube.