I Love A Great Racer!

“Racers” are my top-shelf items. These are what I consider to be either exceptional gallery quality work or work that I consider pivotal for my studio. The latter usually means making a leap of faith combined with a touch of experience to steer the results to a dramatic finish. This is generally how I make head way. It’s usually rather self indulgent I admit… but it is what I live for.

These are experiments using a new crawl and texture glaze. When this glaze works, it’s amazing! But it doesn’t always work.

Here are 3 racers from this week’s firings.

Fetishghost Teaware Fetishghost Teaware

Fetishghost Teaware Fetishghost Teaware


Fetishghost Teaware Fetishghost Teaware


Back to Burning

Well, my kiln repair worked and I got a glaze load fired off. I’m always relieved when my repairs haven’t created any larger problems. The repair was strait forward enough, but even something as simple as replacing a broken element is really hard on this old kiln. The soft brick walls the elements are embedded into are very quick to crumble and I’ve been eyeballing a switch or two, wondering when I’m going to get to learn how to test and fix them as well.

I’m happy with how this load came out. The teapots came out really really nicely, and the yunomi cups, with their thickly slipped hakeme surfaces under a translucent dark amber glaze, came out beautifully.

Harvest Ware

These are gorgeous!

Harvest Ware

I started pushing a load of small teabag trivets through the studio again. I was surprised at how well these were received last fall. I’ve sold and given away all of last years load of trivets and I’ve already gotten enough seasonal requests for these little dishes to make me begin creating a larger inventory for my fall sales.


There were a few 14 pounders in on this load too. These are some of the large sectional thrown canisters that I’ve been working on lately. I’ve I needed a few of theses larger canisters for Novembers Potters Guild sale. This is the scale I love to work in. It’s taken over a year to start getting consistent results that I can begin to count on. Now I can more freely invest the time the time necessary to create more elaborate surfaces with out fretting over major defects.

Harvest Ware Harvest WareThese aren’t the most exciting glazes, but they are handsomely warm.

Harvest Ware

Besides… they’re a great “fit” for the recycled clay body that I used to practice throwing these canisters.

Harvest Ware

Steam Gear Cup Part 2

Fetishghost Steam Ware

This is the process of applying the newsprint stencils to the surface of a freshly thrown cup that’s still attached to the wheel head. The stencils are adhered to the surface by spritzing the surface of the cup with water and laying the stencil in place. A gentle pressing with a damp sponge sets the stencil in to place.

Fetishghost Steam Ware

A contrasting colored clay slip is then sponged over the entire design. This slip was colored with cobalt oxide, this will fire to a wonderful blue that will influence any glaze that applied over it.

Fetishghost Steam WareNow I can set back an get a feel how the new stencils have worked. I’ll cut a foot on the bottom after it stiffens overnight.

Playing with Novel Formats for Etsy Listings

Time Flies Yunomi Demo
I started pasting together a handful of these demo pages last month using a few the spare photos Andor and I had taken this summer. I thought these paste-ups might be a novel addition to my Etsy shop pages and I needed to explore different ways communicating some of the processes I use to create my work.
This seems to be a recurring theme this year. In all the different venues I’m currently working with, figuring out how to show customers what happens in the studio seems to make a huge difference in customers perceptions and how they value my finished work.
I’ll post a few of these on slow nights.

Bone Orchard TeaWare

Cross Bone Yunomi
Fetishghost TeaWare
Well there’s got to be a beginning, a place to start. Is this it?….. No, probably not. But this does have to start somewhere, so this will be it.


I’ll save introductions for later and dive into what’s been happening in the studio this week.


I spent last weekend throwing and slipping designs onto 9 more yunomi to add to my newBoneOrchard TeaWare Collection for the studio. I needed the smaller ware to help fill out the kiln load. Some of these are for a handful of local and regional tea & coffee shops and a few are for my friends on Etsy. Most of these are coming out of the kiln as Racers. I’m sitt’n happy with the smaller works, but there is a good many Larger works that are scheduled refires that have to go back through the fire this week. There’s alot of R&D that has to happen this week too to get all the ducks lined up. Doh!