Meet My Studio Photographer


This is Andor. He’s the studio photographer for FetishGhost and is working on learning to make good use of the support software needed to build and run an online storefront. A lot of what you see on this blog, he’s helped produce.

I first drafted him to snap a few shots in the summer of 07. It was just something to keep him busy while school was out, but since then he’s become an valuable asset to the studio, taking on the duties to help coordinate the shooting of demos and product shots.
OK, before everybody starts pestering me for his business card, I’ve got to point out he’s just turned 10 last month. and my wife won’t let me rent him out yet.

Bone Orchard TeaWare

Cross Bone Yunomi
Fetishghost TeaWare
Well there’s got to be a beginning, a place to start. Is this it?….. No, probably not. But this does have to start somewhere, so this will be it.


I’ll save introductions for later and dive into what’s been happening in the studio this week.


I spent last weekend throwing and slipping designs onto 9 more yunomi to add to my newBoneOrchard TeaWare Collection for the studio. I needed the smaller ware to help fill out the kiln load. Some of these are for a handful of local and regional tea & coffee shops and a few are for my friends on Etsy. Most of these are coming out of the kiln as Racers. I’m sitt’n happy with the smaller works, but there is a good many Larger works that are scheduled refires that have to go back through the fire this week. There’s alot of R&D that has to happen this week too to get all the ducks lined up. Doh!