Craft is Prayer

Art is an act of imagination in bloom… Craft is a prayer.

Let go… Be yourself… Play… Pray


March Cairn

I’ve been patiently letting this winters cairns dry over the past 2 months. Three of Decembers cairns were dry enough to begin working their way though the kiln earlier this week. , , , , , , , ,

Even with long slow bisque, I was waiting to hear the “PoP!” in the middle of the night. The bisque was Wednesday, and I fired off the second leg of the project last night. This was the first glazing for the 3 works. One was designed as a multi-fired piece, needing at least one more trip through. Another has options… involving decals and a re-fire. The 3rd is what’s shown here and might stop at this point, or I might try a low-fired blob of lipstick red crowning it’s top. That’s the problem with sculptural works… lots of fidget room.