Burnin For Joe

It’s been months since someone last let me fondle the valves on a gas kiln. Except for last spring’s excursion into soda firing with Matt from MossBeachCeramics, I’ve been exiled exclusively to electric firings for the last 4 years. Since then I’ve learned to enjoy worshipping the coil, but hey, I love the flame…

This week, the local community college ceramics professor, Joe Mariscal let me burn one with his new studio tech in their old Alpine updraft. I had forgotten what pandemonium an

undergraduate classroom could be like at the end of a semester and I was given the opportunity to find out that a community college classroom is quite a bit crazier. As nutty as it was, it was totally worth it. They were looking for someone to help push through a reduction firing and viola, I’m still a burner at heart.

God I love that old kiln smell…

And now… For Something A Little Different

Even after 8 years of living in Stockton, I’m amazed… the weather is so beautiful and wonderful in Northern California right now. Fall is definitely here. The leaves are turning and falling, the chimneys are beginning to churn out my favorite fall smells, and our morning family walks to the school bus are beginning to have a chilled edge that helps wake us up (the cups of hot chocolate help make the darkened walks something to look forward to). Every single day this week has been so amazing that I was driven out of my studio and into my Gardens on the Delta Community Collage Campus to get my fall, winter, and spring color in and lay down seed.

If you love thinking with your hands, this job is over 3 acres of heaven.

When I took over these gardens they were FILLED with chest high weeds. Rather than spraying I chose to comb out the weeds by hand literally inch by inch. Completely worth it. The campus shredded a handful of massive redwoods and now I’ve got 3 bus sized piles of shredded trees to mulch my beds with.
Almost a year and a half later, I can actually have students work out in the gardens without getting so frustrated that they leave, and now it’s even becoming the garden of “Love”. Some mornings I have to hit the sprinkler system to chase out enthusiastic short term residents.
 San Joaquin Delta College
Yea… I know… So what, but my thumbs are rest’n in my arm pits and I’ve got a rye stem wedged in between my teeth. Liven is good.
God I LOVE my job!

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Bronze Pour at San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA Fetishghost Canister

It’s been a fantastic week. It started with a late night bisque firing Sunday night and the rest of the week was spent glazing, firing, doing 2 more bronze pours, and I got in a lot of gardening. The bronze pours are going really well. We’re still tuning up the foundry layout and getting it outfitted for work flow and safety. The fun part is tiring to get a new crew of interested students drummed up.

Fetishghost StudioI had 33 pieces go through the firing and I managed to not loose any pieces this time! Not only that, but everything came out fantastic! The optical effects of the GhostBlue and White Liner glazes is amazing on this kiln load.The neighborhood florist promptly confiscated 6 of the vases, 3 cups have already been pulled for gallery submissions, and the rest of the ware is either for the local Potters Guild fall sale next month or for posting on Etsy.

Fetishghost CanisterFetishghost Teaware StudioFetishghost Bud Vases


Bronze Pour

Gosh I love bronze pours! I’ve done literally thousands of them and I still get all giddy just hearing the rumble and smell of a furnace. There’s something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about pulling a 1900 degree pot of molten bronze out of the furnace.

Foundry Bronze Pour at San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA

Foundry Bronze Pour at San Joaquin Delta College, Stockton, CA


High octane liquid potential.

I have to thank Sculptor and professor Gary Carlos for letting me help with these pours at San Joaquin Delta Community College in Stockton.
I had done a pretty good job putting out of my mind how much I enjoy the experience, but I think that’s been blown… I’m hooked again. Damn!