Craft is Prayer

Art is an act of imagination in bloom… Craft is a prayer.

Let go… Be yourself… Play… Pray


Slipped Rim

This project spun out of this winter’s bowl marathon for the Tidewater Gallery’s annual soup feed. I throw about 7 batches total, 10 to 17 bowls at a time and break these down into smaller separate groups for handling the surface decoration. This is how I generally prefer to create my work. I enjoy working in series of 5 -15 pieces at a time, this lets me explore any new idea or technique a little before drawing any initial conclusions and making any changes in my approach.

Slip Pouring Demo Slip Pouring Demo Slip Pouring
This started with a big 3 gallon bucket of white slip I made using the trimmings from my standard white clay body. The trimmings were added to the water and allowed to soak overnight. After a night of soaking I mixed it up with my trusty paint mixer on a drill and added a tablespoon of deflocculate (sodium silicate) and more water until the slip reached the consistency of a thick heavy cream. The sodium silicate lets the clay platelets to slide over each other easier so I don’t have to add so much water to the mix to get the slip to the consistency I want.

Slip Pouring Demo Slip Pouring Demo
Next, I had an idea of what I wanted to try… might work, might not. Going to find out though. So I made some thumbnail sketches to keep me pointed in a direction. I’ll usually have 2 or 3 experiments going on at any one time and I have a tendency to become easily distracted. I’ve learned it’s a good idea to leave a trail of bread crumbs leading back to the project at hand.

With this idea, I’m using a contrasting red stoneware clay for the body and I’ve applied a simple paper stenciled sponged cobalt slip design around the lower half of the belly.
After the stenciled design has dried sufficiently to gently handle, I invert the bowl and pour the slip over the upper half.
Slip Pouring Demo Slip Pouring Demo
 I really like the effect and I’m excited about trying a dynamic gaze combination I’ve been thinking about…

stay tuned…

Winter Vines Cairn

Fetishghost Winter Vines

This is the second in the series for this springs first round of works for regional exhibitions. It’s still got 2 weeks of drying to do before bisque firing and glazing. 2 cairns down, and 2 to go.


Playing with Novel Formats for Etsy Listings

Time Flies Yunomi Demo
I started pasting together a handful of these demo pages last month using a few the spare photos Andor and I had taken this summer. I thought these paste-ups might be a novel addition to my Etsy shop pages and I needed to explore different ways communicating some of the processes I use to create my work.
This seems to be a recurring theme this year. In all the different venues I’m currently working with, figuring out how to show customers what happens in the studio seems to make a huge difference in customers perceptions and how they value my finished work.
I’ll post a few of these on slow nights.