Drop Frames and Monsters

Ok… it’s time to throw a few more bananas into the cake…

I’ve decided to get another studio monkey to help with the R&D in prep for the Small Monsters exhibition.
Enter the Jade Monkey… (inside joke)… I had the good fortune to have a helper out in the studio testing a set of Drop Frames this week-end. Jade’s slab work was exceptional and opened up a whole new path. High Five!

These frames are from Matt at MossBeach Ceramics. Check them out, these are a whole bunch of fun!

Decorate a slab an set in the frame and drop!



 There are so many directions to take this…
 Big thanks to Matt & the Monkey!
This is only going someplace good…

Five Handmade Minutes Slip-N-Peel

Looks like this is going to be a running series of shorts. (Hmmm… there’s a joke somewhere in that last line, it’s going to be bugging me all day long now…)

The heavy breathing right next to the camera doesn’t help, but it does make you feel like you are right there.

#101 Spring 2010

3.25″ by 3.75″
Thrown in a cone 6 Laguna “Calico” clay.
The surface design is done in a black slip. The exterior has been glazed using a thin application of Nut/White and the interior is a studio white liner.

Winter Cairns

Fetishghost Totem

Fetishghost Totem All right… it’s started moving into the “it’s really cold, wet, and rainy” time of year for my studio. This is still Northern California so the temperature, at its best, generally is topped out in the middle of the day at 55 degrees, (and I count myself really lucky it’s this warm). This is the down side to working in an old Garagio. It really is cold… and work takes many, many days to dry, and sometimes… things freeze! So aside from the bit about things freezing, things are fairly manageable… I can boil water for my throwing bucket to keep myself warm… (that’s really nice….) the slow drying can be an inconvenience if you’ve got small work trying to dry, but it’s really nice if you have larger thick walled projects that appreciate being slow dried.

Fetishghost Totem Fetishghost Totem Or…. you can see if your friends will let you hang out in a spot in their toasty warm studios during the winter cold snaps. I like this option… they’ve got better hot chocolate, and… oh yeah… heating. Being a decent guest you might be expected to do a little wedging, maybe some trimming, definitely some story telling…. It’s all about that winter camaraderie thing.
So I’ve been spending to past week getting started on creating a series of Cairns for this spring’s exhibitions. These are large(ish) decorative ceramic post markers, and due to their size and complexity, they can be tricky to get across the finish line in a stately manner… (Understatement). Luckily, they really like to be slow dried and they make use of a lot of the techniques I’ve been playing with this year.

For me, these forms provide a more sculptural surface for developing more complex narratives and they also provide a glorified test tile for exploring studio archenemy. This could get really fun… we’ll see… I’m hoping to pick through the results of this winters work and gallery mount a few finished pieces for spring’s and summer’s exhibitions. I guess we’ll have to see…

Fetishghost Totem

This is the cobalt slip…

Fetishghost Totem and a view of cutting the stencils with a razor blade.

Fetishghost Totem

This is the proposed slip & glaze combo I’m planning to use… it’s a cobalt slip and MoonCrater White glaze.

Fetishghost Totem

Fetishghost Totem

Working through the form….

Fetishghost Totem Fetishghost Totem Applying the stencils & sponging on the slip…


Fetishghost Totem


All most there…

Fetishghost Totem

Hallmarked and now we let it dry S-L-O-W-L-Y…