Stroll and Jazz on Miracle Mile

Avenue Autumn Showcase
Stroll & Jazz Concert Friday, November 13th
The night starts with a stroll on Miracle Mile at 6:00PM with gourmet hors d’oevres and fine wines.This is going to be tons of fun!This is our first outing as PortCity Mud and we’re excited! We got brought in on this project at the last minute, but we have been looking for just this sort of event to goof around at so we were prepared… well kinda.
We had the pedestals on hand already. (We enthusiastically made them a few months back in prep for a storefront gallery project.) We had artists lined up. (That’d be us. Our ugly mugs are posted on the side here.)

This is an evening event, so with that in mind we decided to make use of the impressive amount of glass in the storefront with a projected video shown directly onto a sheet in the window to go along with the exhibition. We sat down with a few beers and tested it out last night with lots of success. It really got people’s attention.

So we’ll be at the old Wells Fargo Bank Building at 1906 Pacific Ave with an exhibit of ceramic arts, video demonstrations shown in the store front glass, along with live demos and wine inside. The event starts at 6:00PM.


Finished Prototype Bud Vases

Stockton Floral Miracle Mile, Stockton, CAJenny-Faye Klooster, the successful owner of Avant Garden, and now the new owner San Francisco Floral, had requested a small series of prototype bud vases from FetishGhost for her storefront on the Miracle Mile in Stockton California. Jenny had been looking for a local ceramicist to work with to provide something special that could be tailored specifically to her business. She needed access to a studio that could produce gallery quality handcrafted ceramic art works that could fit her needs as a florist. My studio is literally right around the corner from her shop and we really hit it off on the first meeting. She’s very supportive of the local arts and has all of faith in what our collaboration can produce.

Fetishghost Ware on Miracle Mile

It took only 2 weeks turn around from Jenny’s request for sample prototypes to delivering the finished pieces. I created 3 sample works to show her, and WoW!!! They came out of the kiln looking fantastic!

Fetishghost Studio, Zygote Blum WorkingFetishghost Bud Vase

These are beautifully rich glaze combinations that really worked well. She loved the surprise as well… as a result, I’ve got a new patron for the studio!

Fetishghost Bud Vase

The optics in the glaze on this series are gorgeous! The white glaze breaks beautifully over the blue hares fur glaze at the rim on this vase.

Fetishghost Bud Vase

I’ve got a good feeling about this….I’m already working on the next series.