The Seduction of the functional arts is the possibility of overlaying the familiar with a sense of wonder…

I feel no need to apologize for being a functional artist. For decades, I believed that I was a more complete person when I was serving others in some way. Creating objects felt like the most natural way I could do just that. The fact that the things I made had identifiable value because of it’s usefulness, let me feel like I had value too. It’s a comfortable feeling and I still feel this way most of the time. It may be just something that’s in my own head, but I know that I’m not alone in this thinking. Outwardly, making objects that are beautiful for beauty’s sake is an activity that helps lift the spirts of others by giving people something beautiful to discover for themselves. Inwardly, it’s an activity that allows me to discover the beauty and wonder within myself. 

Isn’t this the purpose of art?