I’d like to share a quick thought…

I believe that much of the allure of handcrafted object is about the how an artist explores their imagination through the mastery and use of technique. It’s through the use of technique that we define ourselves as artists and craftsmen and to this end, what we say with our work is dependent on what we can do… this is why, as a studio artist, I feel that it’s important to keep growing and exploring… to keep pushing at my personal boundaries… and staying engaged with the art of learning.

With that having been said, you can look on this page to find links out to demos and descriptions of the techniques I use in my studio. Most of these are used on a consistent basis to create each kiln load… a few are in the line-up but a bit more exotic. This is where you’ll find  articles on throwing yunomi, chawans, cutting stencils, slipping works, creating slips, creating glazes, throwing and assembling teapots, brush work, latex resists, waxing, glazing, and whatnot.
Adding fresh demos to this section will be an on going project for me…

So stay tuned…

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