Finally getting time cleared away to start posting new work from the February firing up on my Etsy… and after being off my game for over a half year… it feels good!


I’m finally getting to enjoy the results of shrinking things down to Demi size. I’ve been reluctant to create works for this smaller size. I’ve been part of the BigGulp society for so long, that’s what I felt comfortable carering to. I understood the need.
But I haven’t had a BigGulp for years, and now, I enjoy smaller droughts with lots of leisurely refreshers.

I understand the need…
A 1/2 pound of clay makes a light 3″ high by 2.5″ Yunomi.
Perfect for a noon tea or a early nightcap.
It feels great in the palm of the hand, (the hand just wraps around it). Warm tea feels really good nestled in the hand.
The Hamada White worked like a tried and true dream, but it’s the dry glazed surfaces that are icing on my cake
Happy Dance!

Drop Frames and Monsters

Ok… it’s time to throw a few more bananas into the cake…

I’ve decided to get another studio monkey to help with the R&D in prep for the Small Monsters exhibition.
Enter the Jade Monkey… (inside joke)… I had the good fortune to have a helper out in the studio testing a set of Drop Frames this week-end. Jade’s slab work was exceptional and opened up a whole new path. High Five!

These frames are from Matt at MossBeach Ceramics. Check them out, these are a whole bunch of fun!

Decorate a slab an set in the frame and drop!



 There are so many directions to take this…
 Big thanks to Matt & the Monkey!
This is only going someplace good…

Playin the Mile

Found a nice warm sunbeam out on the street corner Sunday morning and sunk into it with my violin like bum in a warm tub.

In my head, I’m invisible.
In reality I’m a clay covered man taking a break from a life in the studio by playing violin on street corners.
Local photographer, Christopher Staggs posted this photo on FaceBook. What a HOOT! Good thing you got my good side…
So any locals that see this crazy violin guy out there, stop, introduce yourself, and say “hello”.
Thanks Christopher!

Creating 3-Dimensional Beauty

I’m moving into another day spent climbing trees in the rain to get some much needed pruning done. I made a wish for a bit of security while I moved into the new year and a new body of work… now I have to remember to hold on tight!

My warm and fuzzy thought this morning is finding my blog on a list of Top 40 Sculpture Blogs .
If you like exploring, this list created by Sharon Harlan is good fun and worth cruising through… it’s all filled with new faces and her site has a wealth of information on interior design.
Nice! Thanks Sharon!