A Matter of Trust

I believe that elements present in an artists mind will often surface in the artists work. That if the work created has been untethered from an exterior expectation or need, the work has the potential to be unconsciously seeded with the shadows of feelings through the artist’s use of a practiced intuitive vocabulary of mark-making.

“Lingering Dark” 3.5”by 5.5” charcoal on vintage paper, 2021 Zygote

For many artists, the components of their psychology are embedded into the works that they create. Arguably because of this, those that successfully separate themselves from their work are more akin to a craftsman than artist. The audience of the craftsman identifying with skill and beauty of the object presented rather than the character of experience that the artist presents.

While no claim is being made as to being a skilled craftsman, I can stake a claim of being an individual who has experiences with charcoal and paper, sharing a look at those experiences by sharing the work.

I trust that, of everyone that views the work, a few are able to reach a sense of attunement with the work, a sense of shared sympathy, a feeling of being seen and understood, and I believe that a few will find parts of themselves reflected in the work.

When I put down my charcoal… If I’ve succeeded, I find different understandings of myself that I didn’t know I placed there looking back out at me from the surface. Success is found in self discovery.

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