Check In

10 weeks into sober living and I absolutely LOVE this!!! Yes I still miss drinking glasses of wine or a nice stiff cocktail, but at this point it’s the tastes and the ritual I miss, not the drunk. Still though, I’m fully aware that if I’m given a choice, there’s no real point in having just one drink, so I choose none. Now I’m finding new rituals, new tastes, and quite frankly, having this particular monkey off my back is tremendously exciting, it’s already freeing me up to actually create new experiences. That’s the trade for not having my time and energy being hijacked by needing to make time to find a drink anymore. There was another pleasant surprise that’s popped up the past few weeks as well. With the struggle of addiction firmly in hand, my will power has returned and I feel like I can tackle anything, the thing is, I just don’t really have anything to tackle just yet. Yoga and the gym? Classes? Correspondence? Travel? We’ll see. Time to start making a wish list and working towards checking them off. 

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