Day Trip

Last week, I got a chance to spend 24 hours wandering San Fransisco with my studio partner; 24 hours of hiking, eating, exploring, drinking, loving our way all over the city. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the bond that we’ve created through living and working together. It was a nice reminder of what some of that bond is about. It can be about leaning into each other with trust. It can be about opening ourselves up to what each of us contributes to the games that we play… It can be about recognizing that as unique as we each are, it’s the relationship that that we create together that flavors our experience and the relationship that brings us so much joy. We create that relationship together.

It underlines the point, that as fun as it was, it just wouldn’t have been the same, fulfilling experience it was if it was done alone. All of the twists and unexpected turns that we each brought to the adventure would have been left unrealized if the other wasn’t there. Every momentary smell or taste that was left unshared would be all that much more fleeting.

I have a multitude or reasons that I cherish moments like this. I feel that I am a better me when I walk next to her. I am more open to the unexpected when I hold my partners hand, seeing her smile with me as we try something new. I am more open to change, more open to self growth, and possibly most important, I am happy to be myself when I am with my best friend.

Thank you for being my partner in life Jess.


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