Cut cut Slice slice

It’s been a long week of impatient daydreams while heeding leaves. It’s an all day job that lasts from October to December, (one of the few downsides to being a gardener on a university campus filled with trees). The daydreams this week has been preoccupied by playing with linoleum blocks. It’s been refreshing to just learn something brand new. 

Linoleum block set up with the image transferred using graphite paper to trace the design onto the block. The lines have been reinked with a sharpie and then the whole block has been given a coat of red India ink.

Do I have unrealistic expectations? Yep, but for now, those are pinned up on a board. This week, it’s just been about getting a design down, start making cuts, and seeing what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.

The black lines are what stays and the red shows us our cuts. If everything is left the color of the linoleum, it’s difficult(ish) to see the cuts that need to happen.
I’m enjoying that last part in particular, it’s the glow of the new relationship feeling that you get when everything really is new, it lets even failure feel like you’re moving forward and doing something meaningful. 
A computer printer copy is being used to key up the next block. The outline will be used to print the bones.

Cut, cut… Slice, slice

When registered properly, this block can fill in the bone outline. A separate block needs to be done for each color in the print. Easy right?

I’m keeping in mind a simple lesson that Jess pointed out to me earlier this week that applies to learning something new. If you are going to do something, commit to it. Even if you feel silly doing it, (especially if you look silly doing it) your commitment shows. Sometimes, it’s your commitment that is applauded and appreciated, not the results… and most of the time, that’s all that we really need.

Finished test print. I have to admit, the heart was filled in with a sharpie.



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