GhostBloom Revisited

The starting point for this series of cups is a piece from this spring’s test firings.

What is it?

Why do I like it?

What needs to happen?

“GhostBloom” 2017

It’s an alluring ghost flowered chawan. Lots of character…. The specckeled clay body blasts through all the surface layers, the blue underglaze, willie’s #6 tile slip, and the SAG glaze all are tied together from the body outwards. The big element of the piece is the soft matt surface of the SAG glaze. (Many would call it problematic, but watching pretty much everyone that has picked up this work absentmindedly pet it, convinces me that I wasn’t barking up the wrong tree by pursuing  surface texture.) The simplicity of the double headed bloom design made me smile too. The blocky stencils made a strong positive vs negative balance, and while I enjoy what happens when I follow the design around the piece, (it makes me feel good inside), I want to see what happens as the flowers are more styleized. 

Cut paper stencils
I’d like to know it it shifts the design away from simple, moving it more towards noise, or if it creates something different and unanticipated.
The second slip layer has been applied and waiting to Bryan a bit past tacky before the third layer is applied.

The flowers were originally fields of blue, now they are essentially lakes of white rimmed by blue. (Maybe a solution is to fill in the flower stencils with blue slip before peeling the paper.)

This round will get a 50/50 cobalt stain wash before being glazed and fired to cone 6-7. (note… the last layer was supposed to be a hakeme layer, but the slip bucket literally ran dry.)

(Studio note: Use a Cone 6 Malcolm Davis Shino to glaze a few of these, waxing in firefly halos to direct soda flashing just to tell the story properly.)


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