Willie’s 6 Tile Slip

Cone 6 to cone 10+ greenware white base slip 

9.8 Nepheline Syenite

68.63 #6 Tile Kaolin

1.96 Bentonite

4.71 Grolleg

4.90 Flint

This white slip has been my go to base slip for cut paper stencil work for the past 3 years. I have no idea where the recipe originated from… but it’s dependable for thin applications, thick hakeme brushwork, or for building up layers without peeling off. It’s been repeatedly tested from cone 5 to 11 in electric, gas, soda, and wood, all with very satisfactory results.

Mix it up thick and defloculate it with a dash of sodium silicate. Color with oxides or mansion stains 3% – 10%.

Apply to greenware wet to leather hard.

Works well with other slips, but doesn’t adhere dependability to underglazes.


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