Stepping Stones

I like the metaphor of seeing each work as a stepping stone. Each leading to the next. A path leading from one daydream to another. From the perspective of the maker, it’s an intensely subjective experience. From the outside, we see each work as an end unto itself.

Art need not be a process. Art can still be a tool to help us relate to and decipher our own inner world. For both the artist and the viewer, art can be transformative. I feel that I am at my best when I’m reaching for something just outside of my own understanding.

I’d like to think that it’s the commonality of that struggle that speaks directly to others. It’s the universality of struggle that is so relatable, but ultimately the audience is silent and I’m left with just myself. Just me alone, inside my own head, watching the busy hands pull me along.

The lesson has been that polish that’s put to each stone in the path is merely the result of a soul in joyful celebration of a greater miracle, creating wonder as a Lover, not as a banker totaling his piles of success.

All the work shown was done in collaboration with ceramic artist, the fair Lady Fong.


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