“Recklessness is taken as a counterweight to all the errors of reason, that catalyst of misery, that accountant’s demand. The prestige of instinct is the traumatized reaction against too many centuries of unreasonable reason”

Alain de Botton

We go to art school to get dusted in artist’s sensibility, a rationality and sense of reason that can justify literally any action. It becomes obvious that an artist is good and educated when the beautiful, the lovely, exists solely to be deconstructed. an experience becomes superseded by an involuntary need to rationalize, to explain,  a need to understand why something is lovely, or diving even deeper, how can lovely be arrived at. It quickly becomes a matter of reciting an equation or following a recipe to arrive at a desired result.

Admittedly, it’s all entertainment by this point, and one of Art’s many functions is just that… Entertainment

The pivot is when we choose to set reason aside and let instinct drive, chuck the “why” into the back seat… We don’t have to feed the need to rationalize our actions.

…”That” it matters takes can be allowed to take greater precedent than “why” it matters… a stance that openly advocates for a more personal and intuitive mode of making. In action, the “why” seems to take care of itself in due course.

It’s a bit like comparing Classical chamber music with Jazz… rote vs interpretive. Both can be beautiful, but the results are very, very different.

Note to self… Just make the fuck’n work and figure out what your id is saying afterwords please. If you want to make a rooster… make a fuck’n rooster. All the fluff that’s around it can play itself out as it plays out.


Just play…


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