What Do We Have Here?

A delightful symphony of faults. 

Not sure what the results of this round are yet. I’m still flush with the memories of meeting all of the challenges that continuously kept popping up. I was starting to feel sorry for what my partner was going through. She was watching me ruin piece after piece after piece by taking too many risks. As collaborators, it’s not an insignificant loss, and as the shard pile grows, any reasonable person is expected to seriously begin to question the path we were wandering on. She didn’t, but most would have. The reasoning was that buried in all the faults, there was too many interesting things happening.

Now that everything is finally coming into focus, I’m finding that I’m so fixated on the details as the pieces come out of the test kilns, that I can’t see any of the work as a whole yet. 

Without any (easy) options for getting any critical feedback, this round of work needs to get packed away into boxes and set aside for a spell while we move on.

Right now though, I’m enjoying the delightful symphony of faults.


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