Studio Notes 6-20,21,22

Glazed on 6/20

Small test kiln firing to cone 7. Turned on at 6pm 6/22, finished and cooled by morning.

Glazed using a thin application of SAG Shino over a Duncan black underglaze wash with a Fritted White Liner interior and a dipped and brushed foot ring.
Testing the shino, and it’s interaction with Fritted White liner at the rim and the underglaze as it’s taken up to cone 10 in electric.

The very first attempt at blocking out the floral motif was the only cup to carry one of Jess’s bee stencils

The results were pretty good. Nicely textured surface. The yellow ocher dots add further texture. The white liner and the SAG Shino did well together with minor crazing where the two overlap at the lip. The lip needed slight sanding to finish. The speckled buff clay used players well with the shino, the red stoneware tested in the same kiln load didn’t work.

Glazed using a medium thick Mag Carb White Liner glaze (I need to rename this glaze, I keep mistakingly using it thinking it’s actually the Mag Carb glaze) with a Fritted White Liner interior and foot ring.

The glazes, slips, and the clay body do well together. It still needs something to pop the design, possibly a blue or underglaze wash… or maybe it’s fine just the way it is.


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