Busy, Busy, Busy

… But is it a good busy? Is it a productive busy, or is it just spinning wheels?

Just this weekend, it’s been 2 days of loading and test firing the gas barrel kiln. It was start and stop as new brass nozzles were spun into place. The factory #40s definitely passed more gas, but judging from the smell of unburnt propane, even with the shutters on the burners open full, we couldn’t get the kiln breathing well enough to fire past candling. After shutting down the kiln in order to crawl under the kiln to change out the nozzles, we also switched out the variable pressure regulator with the factory fixed regulator. It worked well enough through candling and the first 1000 degrees, but stalled out flat at 1200. After calling “bullshit” on the second experiment, the variable pressure regulator got put back on and it was a race to bisque temp before running out of gas.

Made it to 1740 and the take away lesson for next time is that we’ll be running the line under 5lbs of pressure with the old nozzles in. Also need to install new gauges on both the regulator and the line so we can properly work our way through the problems, testing until we get the results that we feel comfortable with.

Managed to glue together another plastic positive for an embossed print to add to Wendsdays’s positive. Looking forward to this week’s printing session.

Made 3 great dinners. (Always a plus). Had friends over for dinner to hear everyone else’s studio stories… always a favorite.

… and settling into recovery from Andor’s Highschool graduation last Sunday. (Super proud of his accomplishment!)  … my birthday was on Tuesday, and my Mom and Dad took off for their drive back home on Wendsday (which left me time for a nice long talk with Troy).

Jess kept puttering around, with multiple meetings, cutting prints, playing at the silver bench, and generally being patent and supportive of the world around her.

Like I said… busy. But other than the dinners, nothing much got actually got done. A lot of doing, but not many finish lines got crossed. There were a few celebrations, but all the busy work that I famously measure myself by just didn’t seem to happen. I’m suspecting that I’m becoming numb to the common movement that graces our days here at home. That’s taking a lot for granted that probably shouldn’t.


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