Product Testing

Summary… The practice of using an underglaze as a base coat under a slip stenciled surface is proving to be hit and miss.

So here’s where this stuff gets real. I know the work that’s currently being made by in the slow makers movement is more arts and crafts and less product, but it it ok for a piece that’s in hard daily use for 5 months to have a wardrobe malfunction? Art is Art. It’s not expected to function without repercussions… right? But truly functional work is expected to be heirloom worthy, something that’s kept and treasured, a spalling surface kind of disqualifies the work. I guess I don’t really need validation for that point.

Dispite building up slip layers to help enhance adherence of the finished surface, the thickly applied slip is susceptible to popping off. At several points I noticed that I as having problems with the slip adhering to any surface that’s been underglazed, in particular, the black underglaze. 

The answer (untested answer) is to move back to using colored slips as a base instead of underglazes to build stenciled designs on.

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem and just not bringing it up?


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