Just Daydreaming

This was what was in front of me…

The work always starts with knuckling under and flowing into the details…

But Jess has my head floating somewhere else. With added encouragement from friends, we’ve been looking for a space downtown or a cleared an vacant property to drop our kilns into. We need to stabilize our studio and set down some roots and in the process, start training a new generation to burn kilns. ( I can’t wait to describe Jess’s full idea.) The evil plan has gotten pretty well rounded out… not overly complex, but it’s simplicity has the power to make changes. 

Out of all the logistical and financial questions floating around, the big question is “Will the city let us do this?” The city of Stockton isn’t currently known for being open to progress and definatly not known for its long standing defense for the arts. In a relitivly short time, this space could house a kilnyard with multiple gas kilns’a learning studio, gardens, and basic quarters. Everyone has to just not say “No”.

We are thinking about dropping in a Q Cabin for the main kiln shed. 

Simple studio spaces can be stacked up as needed. The quarters and gardens… well who knows.

Back to the details in front of me. Enjoying spending a short hour in the night studio with a glass of wine, engaging conversation with my favorite smile, and more collab work with Jess. This is what we live for.


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