Omnus Terra

7 Australian artists, 7 American artists.

Gallery 114 

1100 NW Glisan St. 

Portland, OR.

March 21 – March 25 9-5pm

Opening reception Friday March 24th, 5-8pm

Australia and America face each other across a fast Pacific ocean. Two large continents, nations of the Pacific rim sharing a sea space. Omnus terra means all lands. Creating a dialogue connecting two cultures, two continents, two histories though clay. Australian Artists: Shannon Garson, Vicki Grima, Fiona Hiscock, Megan Puls, Jane Sawyer, Fleur Schell, Gerry Wedd American Artists: Joel Blum, Troy Bungart, Linda Fahey, Brett Freund, Michelle Gregor, Malia Landis, Crystal Morey

Canister by Joel Blum aka Zygote
I’m honored to be part of this exhibition at this year”a 2017 NCECA conference in Portland. Stop by Friday evening, introduce yourself, and enjoy the festivities.

Always looking for an excuse to make more new friends 🙂


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