Doh! (take 2)

Finally pushing the gas kiln out on its maiden voyage. It’s a bit rough.  8 hours in and it’s at 1805 and slowly climbing. Not exactly the rocket ride that I prefer, but if the bus is moving, I shouldn’t complain to loudly.

That’s not the daily doh though. 
I spent a few hours cleaning the studio while the kiln started burning. It was as I dug into the (literal) pile of chemistry that’s accumulated in half the studio that I realized that, rather than using RedArt Clay in the Malcolm Davis Shino, I accidentally use PV Clay…. I KNOW!!! WTF!

So now, the only reasonably reliable glaze in my kiln is what is usually the most unreliable. Out of 38 pieces, 8 are questionable, (in this case questionable is good because I expect questionable in the course of any given firing), everything else is a complete unknown due to a gross miscarriage of attention (nobody enjoys being surprised by their own incompetence.)

I can deal with a kiln struggling to hit temp. That can eventually be figured out. But dealing with a series of stumbles is a serious pain in the ass. It may add to a persons (my) accumulative wisdom, but it’s hell on my self respect.



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