Sometimes you have to accept a preordained failure to move forward, and sometimes you just have to admit you fucked up and see what happens next.

Well here’s a savage screwup. I’m  glazing on a tight deadline, so I apparently needed something additional to sweat about. Thinking I was using a magnesium Carbonate glaze that I have on hand, I realized after I glazed the exterior that I was instead using a bucket of thinned down magnesium Carbonate White Liner. A completely different glaze. Not having the time to wash and reglaze, the decision was made to let it ride and glaze over it with the thinned down mag carb. This is almost always a bad idea because the mag carb doesn’t play well with most glazes, but these two are tested out to overlap, just not to this extent.

The interior is glazed using PV glaze.

25 hours of work being thrown up into the air. Risk anyone?


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