Bottoms Up

We all are drawn to the stories that tell us about ourselves.

When we share our (visual) stories, we attract like minded others like bees to a flower.
Our personal story isn’t unique. It’s just relitivly uncommon to the world of studio ceramics.

It’s more love affair than production. Jess and I flirt continually though our collaborative works that populate the studio shelves. Happily, more and more, it’s what we are known for, a form of love poetry unblushingly shared, an overflowing cup that can be apportioned beyond our studio’s threshold.

Not to sound overly crass, but I definitely smile  when I remind myself what initially drew me into making tea ware with Jess. It was her sence of off beat beauty that she crafts her forms with. Her forms are distinctive. It drives me nuts, but my hand loves what she does. And while her forms lips are distinctive, rarely playing it safe, not buttery smooth and docile, instead, textured, sharp yet deliciously advantageous. But they it’s her feet that I enjoy the most… Jess hand cuts her feet. She always has, and as much as I try to mimic her touch, I fall short every single time. Confidence matched with skill translates into a high degree of craftsmanship that comes not just from a practiced hand, but a sense of aesthetic perception.

A cobalt slip stenciled over a blue underglaze
Cobalt slip stenciled over a Whilly’s tile slip
Whilly’s tile slip stenciled over black underglaze

 What Jess considers as “matter of fact”, I consider as amazingly beautiful. 

Having a wareboard of her forms to play with is a real gift. It’s a form of trust. It’s not about trusting me to make something beautiful, but trusting me to simply enjoy the interaction and the act of creating, finding the flow that comes naturally, and play without concern about any matters of loss. 
The joy of the interaction is our story (illustrated in the objects that we craft) and as time passes, we are finding more and more often that there are people like you that speak up and let us know that this is one of the roles of Arts and craft, to talk about love that resides inside our homes.

Joy, pride, love…


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