Compass Rose

Cut black construction paper stencils laid out flat to check the proposed design.

I’ve been seriously enjoying laying out these designs as a graphic that I can stand back and look at all at once. Tucking in a few sheets of construction paper in with the newsprint when taping up billets for sawing out has offered up a happy little joy to play with. 

Collaborative work with ceramic artist Jessica Fong. She’s provided smartly thrown and trimmed yumoni for me to stencil and slip.

The design, when it’s been executed on a leather hard yunomi’s skin provides, a muted surface that works well as a base for an overlying design, or left simply as it is… a subtle, beautiful design.

The piece above was fired in a soda kiln using a Red Shino glaze and the contrasting clay bodies worked together to create a surface that’s absolutely lovely to hold.


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