Clogging the Machine 

There’s just too much stuff clogging up the machine… it doesn’t matter if it’s good stuff or not, it’s clogging up the machine.

2 years worth of odds and ends. A pile of unsorted stencils, begging to be used or be tossed.
Jess has started tipping her toe into the Minimalist Living movement (Konmari method), starting off by tackling the kitchen and the bookcases. She’s quickly filling up the back of her car with stuff for the drop boxes. No foul. No complaints.

Pulling an old stencil from an unused billet.

Now we are turning our attention to the home studio. After the shuttering of Jess’s shared studio space around the corner with Frank, there was a tide of materials that swamped our home studio. My teatering piles only added to the feeling of abandoned detris. So with March deadlines qiuickly approaching, we are clearing space by finishing projects and by sorting piles straight into the dumpster.

Finished greenware waiting ready to be moved indoors to dry.

We can’t really get started moving until the machine is free to move. It’s looking like it’s time to make hard choices.

Is what you are going to do more important than what you were going to do, or what you already did?


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