The art that we really need in our lives isn’t just the beautiful, it’s the weird… we really need the fuck’n weird.

Latex has been brushed on and is waiting to dry.
Finished stenciled greenware. A cobalt slip has been made using a reconstituted cone 6 B-mix clay body.

Jess has been a busy beaver, throwing and trimming cups for this weeks after hours projects. It’s a round of reprisals of a few of this falls R&D designs that were put through the Cobb Mountain soda kiln (minus the soda kiln). This round is feeding cone 6 and cone 10 bisque libraries. With all the uncertainty around our kilns (that’s a post in waiting) it’s easier to get the bisque work done and banked up than it is to fight against the trending BS swirling around the kilns.

Why would I talk about “the weird” like this? Does a person have to be weird to be any good? Is it some kind of goal? 


It’s permission. Permission to be yourself. Don’t worry, you are weird. The person stand next to you is weird.

Just be yourself. It’s ok.

More people than I originally suspected need active permission to seek our and enjoy art that challenges them. As an artist, many of us need the same permission. It’s through there’s works that we tend to grow beyond our old personal borders. We are in this to amuse ourselves through growth.


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