Dem Bones



After years of doing this design with varying degrees of success, I finally opened a kiln and found what I needed to see. Absolutly stunning surfaces. Absolutly stunning.

When this is what I see go into a kiln. A quick 50/50 cobalt wash. A Bell White Liner. A thinned Red Shino…


And this is what comes out.


Seriously. I couldn’t be happier with what is in front of me.

Now the question becomes, do I keep repeating that success over and over again until I’m sick of the design, or do I celebrate with a bottle of wine, take pride in the accomplishment and move on, or do I just file the design away like an old favorite piece of sheet music, a treat to be pulled out years down the road?


Quick backstory… These three pieces are a few of the pieces that came out of the Cobb Mountain Arts and Ecology Project’s new Wood/Gas Soda kiln. Admittably, there weren’t even a full dozen works that made it into the kiln, but I absolutely LOVE what I’m holding and I’m not in any hurry to let it go. After all these years, these are surfaces that best mirror what’s in my minds eye. I just don’t have reasonable access to make this happen again…




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