Tossing the Dead

Pretty close two 2 and a half years ago I watched Jess move part of her studio into this space with Frank Sheldon. It was a move that was exciting, a story that was brimming with lots potential to create new possibilities.


It was a story where I played a minor character role as someone that was sitting back and watching. It was a story with plenty of take away lessons. Lessons about using contracts, helping friends, sharing space, and just showing up.

Unfortunately the most recent lesson is about what happens when the land that the studio is sitting on suddenly became very, very valuable to the hospital a few feet away and now this chapter is closing up.


So here is the big take away on all of this… how streamlined a ship is, affects everything…

Equipment clutter, a build-up of half finished work, and hoarded materials doesn’t lend to the running of an effective space, it doesn’t enhance the work flow, in the day to day workings of a space, its trips it up. During the eleventh hour, it helps turn a move out into a nightmare (let alone a double timed move out).
It definitely has me looking at how I’m managing my own small studio space, which in all honesty, looks like it’s developing many of the same disfunctional management strategies. Strategies that put undue emphasis on investing limited resources into daydreams about tomorrow rather than finishing today’s work at hand.

The new checklist… clear the decks, scrape off the barnicals, and toss the dead into the ocean.


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