Whiffed Weekend

Getting old is scary stuff, apparently not for the faint of heart.
My health took a spooky downturn Saturday and most of today… whew!

It made for a balked start on the glazing… and unfortunately I whiffed on everything else this weekend as well…

Sorry everyone.
Your understanding made dealing with being laid-up easier.


This afternoon, I did get to unload Friday nights’ kiln load of experimental work and now I’m left looking at everything coming out with my eyes crossed trying to figure out how I feel about the results.

I seem to have gotten into the habit of challenging my own sense of aesthetics. It’s hard to compare the forms and glazes I’ve grown used to seeing in print with the blisters, pits, and blue & brown forms that are coming out of the studio kiln.
The surfaces are fun to explore and the forms have grown on me, but I still can’t help wondering what’s coming next and whether I should even compare my apples with someone else’s oranges… darn it, I like oranges.


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