Peep’n Different

This Paragon kiln has something I hadn’t really seen before and hadn’t really given much thought to.
The Peep hole starts out like a standard hole… about and 1 1/2″
but this tapers down to a bit over 1/2″ and I can’t see a cone pack well enough through the peep at  “white heat” to make diving by pyrometric cone even possible.

Test, adjust ,test, adjust… repeat

I’ve always taken for granted that I’d be able to check my cone packs to help me get a good look at where I’m at relative to the heatwork being done in the top and bottom of the kiln.

But with this kiln I can’t… meh.

The up-side is that it cools amazingly s-l-o-w-l-y… wait, that might be a downside… Hmmmmmmm.


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