Test Adapt, Test Adapt, Repeat

First glaze firing for the Paragon in months since making a few minor/major adjustments…  I had a checklist of hypothesis’s (guesses) of what to expect, but I had to start burning again so I could work through the list.

Aside from all of the other experiments that were in the kiln, it was realizing that kiln sitter needed adjustment that made the firing worth it.

I had set the kiln sitter for cone 5 and it did its job and it shut the kiln down when the bar bent …. but none of the cone packs dropped cone 5 (didn’t really even budge.) So the options are to pull the kiln sitter, readjust the nut and reinstall the sitter OR use a cone 7 bar in the sitter and a pyrometer to see how far off the sitter is.



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