It’s been just a bit over a week since I last pushed Publish, there are a whole weeks worth of stories that are getting skipped over…

Nico’s Missing Finger(ish)… Electric Teeth… ground breaking on a new garden meadow…a dead tree… the “Visions in Clay” is packed up…the sale of “Blue Dream”… Art Club… cone 10 revisited… hide and seek internet… yunomi (plural)… oxide infused waxes…flashing washes and slips… really loving the kids new school a whole lot… a new obsessive fix on “Gavotte” by J.B.Lully (this is an magnificent seasonal piece. Lots of fun to play with before bed), manifolds, manifolds, manifolds (it’s a garden feature)… a new “Lover’s Path” (it’s another garden feature)… a few new beds (more garden stuff)… tight, tight times, and Tonight is the big Opening for the “Clay ‘n Blogs” show!

A Big Happy Dance on the last one!
Cheers to everyone that made it out to the exhibition. I would have loved to stood with my work and danced with a few of you…(I owe Meredith a special dance), but as it stands this blog this is the best I can do, and that’s pretty much why I do it.

Licks, Love, & Luck everyone.

I hate posts without Pictures… so here’s something without blood… (see top of post…)



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