Visions Highlights: Yoko Sekino-Bové


I’ve been claiming all weekend that there are only 4 “pots” in this whole show. Studio Artist Yoko Sekino-Bové made 3 of those 4, but now that I’m taking a minute to review the show, I’m revising my previous statement back to shrugs. There are quite a few works that were most likely thrown and altered, but nothing quite like Yoko’s work…

The above piece took 3rd in the “Visions in Clay”. Honestly though, any of her submissions were contenders for the top 3 slots in the show. All of Yoko’s work was a pleasure to explore as I unpacked them… very fine and very delicate, (great job packing by the way Yoko… nice attention to detail.)


This last piece is my favorite out of all of the works that Yoko offered for the show. Everything that she submitted are amazing examples of craftsmanship, beautifully thrown and trimmed… and best of all, she creates amazing surface details that Bruce and I are enjoying simply sitting back and just guessing at how she created. It speaks deeply that the juror Arthur Gonzalez choose all 3 of Yoko’s submissions.  Personally I’m jazzed that a few of the McKnight Fellowships for Ceramic Arts awarded by Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis are making a show of it in this exhibition.

Like all of the works in this show, everything needs to be seen to be appreciated, but to handle work of this caliber is an experiance…

Cheers Yoko!


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