Meet My New Friend

A 17 cubic foot updraft gas kiln less than 100 yards from the studio’s backdoor.

Steve Pate is letting me rent out this beauty to make a quick foray back into cone 10 reduction to add to this falls collection.

Very cool!

I initially started out as a gas burner at Arizona State University and reluctantly made the switch to electric 4 years ago. That change over made me realize that as I developed my sense of form and craftsmanship, I had to give special attention to developing my surfaces.

As my 7 year old says when we sit around talking about these things… Duh…

Well, ever since last springs 09 soda firing with Matt Brown, I’ve been chomping at the bit to get to try putting my surfaces back through atmospherics kilns. Time to revisit a first love… so here we go…


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