Shark Skin White

Maybe it’s the way I work, but I’m starting to think that a disproportionate amount of the new surfaces that pop-up in the studio are the results of accidents rather than planned tests… honestly, everything that goes through my kilns are tests, but some things really do surprise me and this is one of them.
It’s a simple electric cone 6  EggShell White recipe that I’ve used on and off for a few years now, the only difference is that it’s been fired to a flat cone 4 and the result is rather extreme. At cone 4, this glaze is very much a texture bomb. It feels like shark skin… As long the is lip is functionally glazed, this is a fantastic surface for the hand to enjoy.
I’ll post the recipe when I can actually once again fire this mix to the intended temp. Until then I think I’ll personally test this for a week or two.

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