Visions Highlights: T. S. Linsey

“Posicles & Bedpans”
10″ x 6.5 ” x 9 “
acrylic on clay
Over the past 2 weeks now, I’ve been opening boxes and boxes of works that has been arriving. Joyously swamped is a very good descriptive term. Unpacking other artists works has proved to be the amazing experience I hoped it would be… every single package is just how I like too enjoy remembering Christmas when I a whole lot younger… it’s all about the thrill of discovery…
The very first piece to arrive wasn’t in a box, it just magically showed up, hand delivered. I loved it as soon as I saw it and it has set the tone of the whole show for me. This year, this is a ceramic sculpture show… no doubt about it.

Here is a few other bonus works pulled from t.s. Linzey’s website. I totally love this…
3.5 ft X 5.5 ft X 1.5 ft
Acrylic paint on ceramic & metal rod
 18″ x 17″1/2 x 9″
Acrylic on ceramic

Thank you Linzey! Here’s to hoping that we get to cross paths soon!


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