Schaller Gallery: Flora

Adam Field

This exhibition is a real treat… I love a show that has a few friends, a few favorites and a few new surprises.

Schaller GalleryFloa: flowers and plants and flowers

August 01, 2010 through August 31, 2010

Curated by: Kyla Strid Artists Include: Linda Arbuckle, Kyle Carpenter, Victoria Christen, Naomi Cleary, Adam Field, Ursula Hargens, Molly Hatch, Richard Hensley, Cathi Jefferson, Forrest Lesch Middleton, Brenda Quinn, Phil Rogers, Stacy Snyder, Kyla Strid, Daniel Ricardo Teran and Ann Tubbs

A quick sample…
Cathi Jefferson
Kyle Carpenter
Molly Hatch
Naomi Cleary
Forrest Leach Middleton
 These last two are new to me, but I love what they got going…
Stacy Snyder
Daniel Ricardo Teran

A few weeks ago we were raising hands on whether surface or form played a leading role in current trends in ceramics… I’ve got to say that it seems once you have form dialed in, it’s all about surface.
If you haven’t clicked over to the exhibition yet, here’s the link… Cheers!


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