Aaahhh… Well…

I really gotta share this….

I’m gonna have to work a bit to not verbally use certain key words in this post that will draw any unusual attention. I really am not mentally geared for that kind of attention at the moment.
With that said… I think you can get a grip on the iconography that’s the basis for this project…. Aaaaaa yeah.

It’s a base for a collaborative project with a local lamp artisan; an entry into a neighborhood summer art salon that’s celebrating the erotic arts. I’ve been having to really hold back on the embellishments, (but that seems a bit of an allegorical statement in itself).
I’m sure most of us know that the term “erotic” deals with a rough line that’s drawn with the toe between explicit and implicit… and let me tell you, I already know that this roughly drawn line is a very, very fine line.

Any doubters can wait and see….


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