Back Story

All to often we are changed by what we see, but sometimes it’s a trill…
Yesterday morning was one of those world shifting moments… it’s 6am… sitting with my first coffee and reading through the morning’s blog list and I’m stopped dead in my tracks when I hit the BayArea ceramics blog, We Swim With Fishes.
Linda was sharing some of her notes from this weekend’s Palo Alto Clay and Glass Festival that’s put on by the ACGA every year… (I’ve never managed to make it out to view the event, but it enjoys the reputation of being a doosy of a festival.)
When I hit the part about artist Forrest Lesch Middleton, I just had to stop… Great slip work, gotta love those forms, and an image transfer process I’m still only guessing at.
Form aside… it’s the surface he’s created that’s spinning my head. It some sort of silk-screened image transfer that can wrap around a curved object without creasing, and can still find the highs and lows on a profile. It’s just so clean and tight… and his control is immaculate!
I’m assuming it’s not a printed slip and paper transfer. The only solution that’s come up so far that might fit the bill, has been the possibility of using a foam pad as a media to transfer a screened slip to the body. That was last nights impromptu test run was basically about.
But now it’s also all the ideas that didn’t exactly fit the bill that’s getting me going… Golden!

Meanwhile in the comments, Humpiros offered up a Ceramic Arts Daily link of Susan Kotulak demonstrating a foam transfer process… a nice solid lead to help me puzzle this out.

I do realize that eventually though, I am just going to have to write Forrest to just ask, but until then it’s time to relish guessing and seeing what happens.


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