Keep the Flag Flying

A quick word… do not set out the chalky mints at your show unless you want to watch some kid puke… I’m just saying… been there, done that, just don’t do it.

Tonight was the local San Joaquin Potters Guilds annual showing at the TideWater Gallery in downtown Stockton. My junior studio monkey snagged the camera and suggested that she should be the photographer for the night. Out of 90 shots, this was what was what was safe to share…


Good wine and good friends in a spot are a fun mix…

They had demos!
…Action Shot….
there were a bunch of new names this year. (Look for flash backs on this. topic) Another high point was the addition of 2 more works by loacal artist, Michael Cammack, to his “Head of State” collection. I still need to photogragh his Stalin.

Aside from that I just want to post this for strictly personal reference… the Periodic Table of Swearing from Modern Toss.
once again, I’m just saying…


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