On the Up Side…

Fired off “Half Pint” again to see if I could get it up to cone 6… Nope… didn’t even drop cone 5, but all my glazed matured and look marvelous. The clay I’m using is a Laguna cone 5 clay and has a good ring to it, so I’m think’n it’s probably vitrified. 34 pieces in and only 3 have a date with the “Hammer of Judgment”.

The new chop for this summer’s markets looks o.k. It’s still a bit strange to see my work with a strange hallmark on it.

The BoneMarrow glaze combo is proving to be a new trusty favorite. We’ll see how long that lasts though. I just mixed up a fresh batch of WhiteLiner glaze but had run out of Zircopax I’ve been using to opacify my Clear glaze white. So I switched back to Tin Oxide as my opacifier. Glazes don’t always play well together when I nonchalantly go mucking about.

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