Katsup Ketchup Catch-Up

Playing a bit of catch-up in the studio with the new/old “Half Pint” kiln.



2 finished Hamburger Yo-yos that Ron Philbeck had us all playing with back in February.


This yumoni is from a small series of works from April that are a tip the hat to Matthew Metz
This will find new homes as part of a Miracle Mile “CUPS” project.


A few of the spice dishes started making their way through…


A few Flower Vases from March were finally pushed through using 2 different white glazes.

This firing took 24 hours. About 12 hours longer than I had thought it would and it just dropping cone 5, (I was shooting for cone 6). But it was a beautiful load! The only pieces that pinholed were the ones that were supposed to. The GhostBlues in this load were brilliant blue.
Now time to tear apart the kiln panel again and run the multimeter back through everything. 24 hours is a lot of electricity!


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