Fried Is What I Got

When it rains… it pours…
It didn’t take writing my first business plan point out that relying on a single kiln was an unwise weakness to expose my business to, especially an old vintage kiln held together with spit and band-aides. But hey, if kilns fell like manna from the sky… that would definitely be filed under a “Bad Day”, so I’ve made do with what I got.
And what I got is Fried… In the process of replacing my infinite switch, I discovered a few wires that were arching, (hence the replacement of the switch), and my Mystery Noise was found to be a deteriorating interconnect receptacle plug that connects the top control panel to the bottom control panel.
So to keep from swearing and whining, I’m going to remind myself that this is a learning opportunity. It’s just a massively inconvenient learning opportunity.


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