Palimpsest and Skull Drudgery

Well I’m still waiting for replacement infinite switch to show-up… Doh!

In the mean time… a spot of show and tell from the last weeks load.

Luscious skull drudgery!
The above is a refire from this months load.
It’s a bit of palimpsest… decals over a richly white glazed surface.
I’m starting to see how that might be fun point work with though…


With that in mind…

This was one of the pieces that went through last weeks kiln that had the best of my curiosity. Originally this chawan was from one of the 2008 fall kiln loads . It had been crated up after it was shown along with everything else that fall before getting set away on a rack.
After pawing through a corner of this particular crate, it was decided to see how a bit of the”Retro” and current R&D mix

I like it…
Like I said earlier.. Palimpsest


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